Rules & Regulations

We believe that for any child to succeed he needs to be disciplined. Discipline is shortly defined as practice of mental, moral and physical powers to promote order, regularity and efficient obedience, correction, training supplied by adversity.

‘With discipline ordinary people become great men.’
The school feels itself responsible for inducing the lost discipline in children but we also realize that the school alone cannot make it happen. We would want you to coordinate and cooperate in this regard and believe that the school, like you is making every possible effort to make its student a bright shining individual in a huge crowd. We realize that students well understand the rules of discipline but we are sure that you would like to know them as well.

Below is a list of rules which will be strictly followed in school time. Write your views and send it to us for shaping a better world for our students.
1. Students will be required to appear for:
i. First Term Examination (in the month of October)
ii. Second Term Examination (in the month of February)
iii. Final Term Examination (in the month of May)

Tests will be held in between the examinations to assess the student`s progress and application to studies and marks of these tests will be included in both the examination.

2. The monthly fee is payable in advance by the 10th of every month. After which a late payment will be charged till the last day of month. After the expiry of the last day of the month, the name of the student will be struck off the roll without any notification. However, in certain cases, readmission maybe allowed after the prior permission of the principal but at that time fee for re-admission will be charged.
3. A cadet cut for boys and a braid for girls is necessary. Warnings will only be given three times after which strict measures will be taken.
4. Uniform must be clean and well pressed.
5. Shoes must be polished. Student must carry a shoe shiner to dust away any dirt that comes on the shoe on the way to school.
6. All students must wear a simple wristwatch.
7. Belts with buckles, fashion, jewellery, coloured hair bands and wearing any kind of makeup is strictly prohibited. When your child leaves for school, please keep a check that he/she has avoided all that, the dupattas are properly tugged and the boys’ trousers are hoisted to their waist.
8. Ink removers, whitos, and sharpeners are strictly prohibited. Please refrain from buying these for your kids.
9. Students must not chew suparies, if found strict measures will be taken immediately.
10. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited. If found it will only be returned after receiving a fine of Rs.500/=.
11. Avoid using slang and abusive languages, slang of either language are strictly prohibited.
12. Three intimations would be given to students who comes late to school. Fourth time he or she will be told to return home.
13. Attendance must be maintained in proper order. An application must follow any absence that might have occurred due to any reason. For IX / X students minimum attendance required for forwarding board examination forms is 85%. Students having attendance below this percentage, for any reason, will not be issued admit cards.
14. Short leaves are strictly not allowed for students.
15. Students seen moving around the school premises during school time will be questioned and penalized for the act of negligence.
16. Students will not buy eatables from vendors.
17. Any damage to the premises of the school or its equipments and property, have to be compensated by the parents / guardians / students.
18. Only school printed copies are to be used by students. Books and copies must be neatly maintained.
19. Student must bring all the books according to their periods with their home work done regularly. In case of irregularities the pupil may be penalized. Pens, pencils, ruler, colours must be brought every day.
20. Teach your children to respect teachers at all times and value them in your regular discussions at home. Students who argue or try to be rude with teachers will be suspended from school.
21. Parents are advised to check on the child`s homework and class work with the spirit of their entire responsibility on daily basis from the very beginning. Homework diaries must be signed by parents regularly and parents are bound to attend parents’ teachers’ meetings.
22. Taking into consideration the difficulties faced by students regarding conveyance / transport, the school after deliberation, takes the responsibility of only arranging and care. Nevertheless, if any untoward thing happens whatsoever it may be, the school, in no case, will be responsible.
23. It is compulsory for all Class IX and X students to take their preliminary exams in order to qualify for enrolling in Board exams.
24. It is mandatory for all O and A Level student to appear in the Mock Examination. Statement of Entry may be held in case of non compliance.

Till the time a student is enrolled in the school, all the above stated rules are applicable on him/her. Parents are requested to cooperate with the school and the teachers in order to maintain discipline in and outside the school.
Any leniency in the rules and regulations are only at the discretion of the management.