Welcome to Dhaka Coaching Centre

THE Story of 38 Years

Dhaka Coaching Centre was established on April 15, 1983. Since then it is functioning zealously and marching forward with its committed goal, that is, to educate our youth and make them worthy citizen of the country. The History is long and bright and will itself speak the contribution it made to the cause of education which is in the form of more than fifty thousand passed out students. Many of them have raised up to rank of Parliamentarian, Doctors, Engineers, Military and Civil Officials, Professors, Lawyers, Jurists, Scholars and many other are rendering valuable services in and abroad the country.

Interaction with Parents
Continuous Communication is made with the parents to discuss the matter related to the improvement of academic Performance of the students.

The art of teaching is itself a phenomenon of perception, awareness and the attainment of perfection. With this fact in mind a seasoned and highly professional faculty is arranged for the deliverance of the subjects.



WE HIGHLY EMPHASIZE on students not getting enrolled in any English language course, computer course in order to cope up with our fast paced academic environment.