Welcome to St. Gregory's High School

St. Gregory's High School

SGHS is the epicenter of education ever since its inception in 1983. SGHS incessantly strives to create congenial learning environment for comprehensive academic training and high quality education of students residing in Karachi. SGHS provide students lots of facilities including, air conditioned and technologically equipped classrooms, ultra-modern auditorium, digitally enhanced library, high-tech computer labs, sports club and cafeteria for a holistic fulfillment. The aim of SGHS is to achieve through the aforementioned virtues and a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum, is to produce critically-conscious, ambitious and determined diverse students who build a name for themselves individually, and positively impact their society. Our faculty and staff are dedicated and committed to our students' success and play a pivotal role in supporting students in and out of the classroom. SGHS offers both examinations at both levels the Matric board system and O’levels of the University of Cambridge.


WE HIGHLY EMPHASIZE on students not getting enrolled in any English language course, computer course in order to cope up with our fast paced academic environment.