Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations for the Session 2022-23
These rules and regulations are applicable on all students registered at SGHS.

Uniform & Grooming
Students should wear a proper school uniform and shoes in order to maintain balance and order among the students as it helps to eliminate bullying due to the fact that everyone is dressed the same and children cannot be teased for wearing something unusual or different.

The uniform must be clean, well pressed & shoes must be polished. A student must carry a shoe shiner. Sports/Games uniforms are mandatory for days schedules for P.E or otherwise advised by the teacher. A cadet cut for boys and a braid for girls is necessary. Warnings will only be given three times after which strict measures will be taken. The scarf is mandatory for the girls of senior classes (Class VI onwards) as mentioned in the uniform circular. Hair and nails must be trimmed.

All students must wear a simple wrist watch. Belts with buckles, fashion, jewellery, colored hair bands and wearing any kind of makeup is strictly prohibited. When your child leaves for school, please keep a check that he/she has avoided any objectionable clothing or accessory.

We believe that for any child to succeed, he needs to be disciplined. Discipline is shortly defined as practice of mental, moral and physical powers to promote order, regularity and efficient obedience, correction, training supplied by adversity. Their manner of movement should be quiet and orderly, at all times.

Children are advised to behave in an orderly manner in the school and in public places.

Use of swear words and foul language, scribbling and scratching on School furniture and School walls and any misbehavior in school buses will be strictly dealt with. Students seen moving around the school premises without an exit pass during school time will be questioned and penalized for the act of negligence.

• Students should be proactive in promoting and working towards making school a positive, supportive, safe and welcoming place.
• Students should be respectful and courteous to fellow-students’ parents and teaching and non-teaching staff.
• Students should make every reasonable effort to participate actively in the activities of the school.
• Students should share ideas and strategies for improving school climate and school discipline practices.

• Students must not chew suparies, if found strict measures will be taken immediately.
• Students must not use a cell phone as it is strictly prohibited in school. It can distract from school work and disturb other students who are trying to study. The students will either be playing music or games which can be affected on their studies. This practice is immediately required to be discontinued forthwith. Violation of these instructions would be considered as an act of indiscipline, requiring punitive action. Mobile or cell phone if found with any student, will be confiscated & will only be returned against a fine of Rs.500/= along with a request letter signed by the parent.
To Remember

• Students will refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damages. Students will refrain from littering and keep the school premises clean.
• Unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to irregular attendance, academic dishonesty, and neglect of homework, disruptive behavior, loitering and disrespectful behavior towards staff or fellow students will result in serious disciplinary action.
• Any form of bullying or ragging will result in a disciplinary committee review and could result in expulsion with a negative conduct certificate.
• Anybody who organizes unauthorized events or takes part in picnics, excursions and other outings will be liable for disciplinary action.
• Any misbehavior or violation of school discipline will be dealt by the disciplinary committee and corrective action will be taken. In extreme cases, parents will be called in to discuss the child’s behavior and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.
• In order to ensure that students are not carrying any unwanted stuff (mobile phones, digital cameras, bio-data books, autograph books, digital diaries, iPads or DVD’s etc), the school reserves the right to conduct sudden spot checking of bags and belongings of the students.
• Any leniency in the rules and regulations are only at the discretion of the management.

Spoken Language
Students are encouraged to converse in English at all times.

Parent’s Role
For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending money, valuables (like expensive jewellery, electronic items, etc.) with their child without specific written notice from the school. Parents should make sure that punctuality is essential at all times. Students who contravene this rule without valid reason will be required to produce written explanation with the parents’ sign.
Parents should teach children to respect teachers at all times and value them in your regular discussions at home. Students/Parents who argue or try to be rude to teachers will be suspended from school.
Parents are advised to check on the child`s homework and class work with the spirit of their entire responsibility on a daily basis from the very beginning. Homework diaries must be signed by parents regularly and parents are bound to attend parent - teachers’ meetings.
Taking into consideration the difficulties faced by students regarding conveyance / transport, the school after deliberation, takes the responsibility of only arranging and care. Nevertheless, if any untoward thing happens whatsoever it may be, the school, in no case, will be responsible.
If, for any reason, you wish to visit the School, kindly take prior appointment to avoid inconvenience. For walk-in visitor/parents, the timings are 10:00am to 12:00noon (Monday to Thursday) only. Communication with parents will be entertained on individual basis only. Any and all issues should be communicated first in writing which may be followed by the arrangement of a meeting with the concerned personnel if required.
To maintain goodwill at both ends, parents must maintain the dignity of the school and refrain from any action which may harm the reputation of the school at any forum Any kind of Filming and recording in the school premises is strictly prohibited unless prior written permission is sought, the school holds the right to take necessary action to maintain the security of the students, teachers and other staff members.
Till the time a student is enrolled in the school, all the stated rules are applicable to him/her. Parents are requested to cooperate with the school and the teachers in order to maintain discipline in and outside the school.
Any damage to the premises of the school or its equipments and property, have to be compensated by the parents / guardians / students. Ink removers, whitos, and sharpeners are strictly prohibited. Please refrain from buying these for your kids. The school feels itself responsible for inducing discipline in children, but we also realize that the school alone cannot make it happen. We would want you to coordinate and cooperate in this regard and believe that the school, like you is making every possible effort to make its student a bright shining individual in a huge crowd. We realize that students will understand the rules of discipline, but we are sure that you would like to know them as well.

School Bag
Only literature which is connected with the school work is to be brought to school.
Every child must carry a bag/satchel. No books should be carried loose.
Only school printed copies are to be used by students. Books and copies must be neatly maintained.
Student must bring all the books, according to their time table with their homework done regularly. In case of irregularities the pupil may be penalized.

Pens, pencils, ruler, markers, geometry items, colors must be brought every day.

Class Room
Students are strictly not allowed to have their food in their classrooms.
Students are strictly not allowed to be seated in their classrooms unnecessarily during break time and off time.
Students are instructed not to play in the classroom or use cricket bats and hockey sticks, except on the playground. The cost of repairs caused by damage to school property will be charged to the concerned students.
Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and/or misbehavior or who, in the opinion of the Head of the Institution, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils, may be expelled permanently or removed from the school for a specified period by the management.
Social functions, birthday party, involving pupils must not be organized without the Principal's approval.

Students will be required to appear for:
Fall Term Examination (in the month of October)
Spring Term Examination (in the month of February)
Summer Term Examination (in the month of May)
Tests will be held in between the examinations to assess the student`s progress and applies to studies and marks of these tests will be included in both the examination.
It is compulsory for all Class IX and X students take their preliminary exams in order to qualify for enrolling in Board exams.
It is mandatory for all O and A Level student to appear in the Mock Examination. Statement of Entry may be held in case of non compliance.

A fee voucher will be issued on or before 1stof every month and will be attached in the pupil’s diary.
The monthly fee is payable in advance by the 10th of every month. After which a late payment will be charged till the expiry of the voucher.
Fee voucher is an important document. It should be properly kept by the parents. In case of loss or misplacement of the voucher, may ask for a duplicate voucher by a paying fine of Rs. 50/-.
In case of paying fees in any other branch of MCB or online, parents should send school copy of the voucher to the finance department on an immediate basis to avoid any inconvenience.
A warning letter will be issued for failure of paying school fee for consecutive three months.
In the absence of compliance of warning letter, name of the student will be struck off the roll without further information. However, in certain cases, readmission maybe allowed after the prior permission of the principal with a fee for re-admission. The school charges 2 months fee as security deposit which is refundable if all dues of the child are clear before leaving school.

Punctuality & Attendance
School gates are closed at 08:00 am sharp and three intimations would be given to students who come late to school, after which they will not be allowed to attend the school under any circumstances. Please ensure that your child reaches the school latest by 07:55am.
Student must vacate the classroom after the last bell has rung.
Attendance must be maintained in proper order. An application must follow any absence that might have occurred due to any reason.
For IX / X students minimum attendance required for forwarding board examination forms is 85%. Students having attendance below this percentage, for any reason, will not be issued admit cards.
All other class students must maintain at least 85% attendance throughout the year. Short leaves are strictly not allowed for students.
A child is not allowed to remain absent from the School unless prior permission for leave has been obtained from the undersigned or from the Academic Head for a valid reason.
In case of emergency, telephonic information should be provided by the parents to the undersigned or to the Reception Desk on the same day during 10a.m. to 12noon.
A child failing to appear on any oral/final test or written paper of the Terminal or Final Exam will be marked absent, as the exam will not be re-conducted.
The result will be based on previous test or exam grades. If your child is ill or has any contagious disease (e.g. Chickenpox, measles or jaundice, etc), do not send the child to school. A doctor’s note is to be submitted to the office in such case.
Together, we can build bridges between home and school for a better tomorrow of the child. For any queries, please feel free to contact the school administrator.

Thanking you for your co-operation.