SGHS Scholarships

Kinship Eligible Child (Sibling Discount)
If parent(s) have more than one child at the SGHS they will be eligible for the Kinship Scholarship. The student must be (biological sibling) having one or both parents in common. This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship, such as stepbrothers/ sisters, cousins. Kinship based Scholarship:

a. Every second child will get 7% Scholarship in tuition fees
b. Every third will get 10% Scholarship in tuition fee
c. Whereas the fourth child and onwards every child will get 12% Scholarship in tuition fee only Document Required :
1. Attested photocopy of Family Certificate issued by NADRA will be required for claiming this Scholarship.
2. Parents attested photocopy of CNIC.
3. Parents must provide evidence of gross income; pay slips will be accepted as the evidence of income.
4. Photocopy of electricity paid bill (currently) for the address mentioned in the student record.