SGHS Scholarships

Academic Excellence
High Achiever Scholarship

1. A 50% concession in the monthly tuition fee will be granted to any student who scores an aggregate of 90% and above for all the three terms of an academic session.

2. This policy will be applicable for the following current academic session (i.e. the session in which the student has gained 90% or above aggregate for the academic year)

3. This academic scholarship is applicable for Year 6 and above.

4. Fee for each month must be paid duly within the due date.

5. Scholarship will be awarded at the end of each term through cheque in the name of the parent notified in advance to the accounts department.

6. Scholarship will stand null and void if the student is not able to maintain an aggregate of 90% and above in the following term.

7. The school has the authority to terminate the scholarship at any time in case of any disciplinary issue relating to the student.

8. The scholarship award will not remove the student from the entitlement of sibling concession.

9. Any further concession shall not be applicable for the student who has been entitled for scholarship.

10. Taxes, if any, will be applicable if and when applied as per the govt. rules and regulations.

11. The cut off aggregate percentage for the entitlement of scholarship may vary each year as per the school’s decision.

12. For O’II, O’III, Class IX & X, scholarship will be granted at the end of the year, based on external exams result (CIE, BSEK)