General Information for the Academic Year 2022-23

New Session:
IN'SHA-ALLAH the new academic session, i.e; 2022 – 2023 will commence from Monday, 9th May, 2022.

Note: The School gate will be closed after the assembly. Please comply with and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Uniforms & Books
Students are instructed to attend their classes in neat and complete prescribed uniforms as well as with text books and exercise books. Uniforms will be available from prescribed seller. Whereas for course books, kindly fill in the form attached with booklist and submit it in the school before due date and the school copies will be handed over to the students on the first day of school in their respective class.

School Transport
Transport services are available for the convenience of the students / parents.
Parents seeking transport facility are hereby advised to contact the concerned transport contractor during school hours.Mr. Rizwan (0321-2672081; 0307 – 2422636) and Mr. Adeel (0313-3456677).

Attendance at school is extremely important. Absences must be kept to an absolute minimum in order to ensure success in school. Parents are requested to call the school between 08.00 and 08.45 if a child is to stay absent in a particular day and send the leave application on the next day along with your ward. Absent days are totalled at the end of the academic year and these will denote the attendance comment recorded at the end of the school year.

Lateness should be avoided at all times. Children who are late for school not only interfere with their own educational development, but also with that of their peers.

Academic Head Meeting Time:
A meeting with the Academic Head is only possible after having a prior appointment from the reception desk of the campus. Schedule for Assessment:

Regarding examination system, it must be mentioned here that our examination system will consist of three terms:
(i) Mid Term Examination (May 2022-Dec, 2022)
(ii) Final Term Examination (Jan 2023-May, 2023)

Besides this, for the purpose of evaluating pupil`s academic progress during the course of the year the school has adopted the following:

(a) Class test / Assessment / Activities
(b) Several quick revision Tests
(c) Term Project

The marks obtained by the students in First Term and Final Term Examination will be submerged together to give an aggregated result of the whole year.

Parents must ensure that students are committed to attend all these examinations without any failure or otherwise their performance will suffer in the Annual Result.

Oral Examination
English, Urdu poetry/group discussion and Islamiat/Quranic verses have been added to the syllabus aiming to develop & augment the memorizing capability of students as well as to impart them the practice of perfect pronunciations and to introduce to them the poetic values and appreciation of literary work. Every year in all the three term examinations the oral examination will be conducted separately. It is obligatory for all the students to take and pass the oral examination.

First Term:
It covers the period from Monday 9th of May 2022 to Tuesday 13th of December 2022.

Term Break: Wednesday 14th of December 2022.

Term Assessment: Thursday 15th of December 2022 - Friday, 23rd December 2022.

Final Term:
It covers the period from Monday 2nd of January 2023 to Wednesday 10th of May 2023

Term Break: Thursday 11th of May 2023
Fall Term Assessment: Friday 12th of May 2023- Tuesday 23rd of May 2023.

For Students of Classes IX – X Appearing Through Board of Secondary Education Karachi for SSC-I & SSC-II Examination 2022-2023

The course of above mentioned students shall be completed by the month of January 2023.
Grand Test & Preliminary Examination will be scheduled in the month of February & March 2023.
Mock Exams for Cambridge Students
Mock Examination for students appearing in May & June Cambridge International Examination will be held in the last week of March 2023. It is mandatory for all students to take and clear these exams with a fair aggregate of above 60%. Term Calendar:
A term calendar is published by the school on its website from where it can be downloaded by parents and students. Change of Arrangements:

If your child is going home with someone else, or there is a change in routine in some way, please inform the reception desk by writing a note. Likewise, if you are taking your child out of school early, for example for a medical appointment, please inform the class teacher.

Change of Address and Telephone Number:
In order to keep our contact information up-to-date, please inform the office immediately if your address or telephone number changes. This information may be needed to contact you in the event of an emergency.

Uncertain Holidays:
Parents may check the website of the school or the school’s page on Facebook to make sure if there is a holiday in case of any uncertain condition in the city or any other information. Parents will be called and informed if the condition of the city deteriorates during school hours.

Parent Feedback:
The school welcomes feedback and admires parents who take keen interest in the schooling of their child. A feedback form is available on the website and a hard copy is also provided by the school.

Inter School Transfer Facility:
To facilitate the students according to their requirement the system of inter school transfer scheme has been introduced in our following branches.

BS-15/1, Federal B. Area, Karachi. Tel: 36826381, 36826389

ST-5, Sector 11-L, North Karachi, Karachi. Tel: 36956195, 36972433

Any further information regarding the school may be taken through email or by calling the school numbers during office hours.

Contact Us:
• Admission Manager : Sadia Usman
• Phone : (021) 34987386, 03417164601
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• Address: E-48, Block 4 , Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Pakistan